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Where Can Digital Signage be Used?

Digital signage can be used wherever there is a need to communicate to individuals or large groups of people. Wherever there is static signage, there is potential to replace it with digital signage. Digital signage installations are becoming more and more evident in:

Corporate Environments – Often used in lobbies to communicate with visitors and customers, or employee areas for human resources and corporate communications, digital signage can provide the right message to the right audience at the right time. In manufacturing environments, performance metrics, current production requirements and education materials can be delivered to production areas for quality assurance purposes.

Public Venues – Auditoriums, hotels, transportation venues, outdoor billboards and sports stadiums are common venues for digital signage. Providing customers with current schedules, way finding directions, or real time information such as news, weather, sports and advertising can be informative to patrons and visitors.

Retail Environments – For timely advertising and impulse decision influencing at the point of purchase, digital signage provides a more compelling message. Many retailers and advertisers are seeing the advantages of in-store digital signage over traditional print and television buys. They are reaching their target audience and viewers are captive – they can’t change the channel. Retailers can dynamically change the content being displayed based on factors like inventory levels, margins, time of day, POS data etc.

Operations Centers and Call Centers – Mission critical statistics and data can be displayed in real time keeping personnel informed of your system status. Internal messaging can be included with the content allowing updates from multiple participants.